The time her eyes met with His she felt her heartbeats stirred with gratitude and devotion. He didn’t judge her or condemned her but saved her from the men who condemned her and accused her of her misdeeds. She could not take her eyes off from Him which had full of love and compassion for her.

Just few minutes ago she was being trampled and was thrown stones at… People were running after her as she ran trying to save her life from the condemning wolves. Her skins were torn. Her body was blood stained. She was in deep pain yet nobody showed any mercy on her. They were shouting as they were running after her with stones in their hands… “Kill that adulterous woman… she is a sinner… an adulterer… she has been doing this and destroying our society with her sinful acts… She should not escape today… She needs to die…

She came running towards a beach and slid down on the sands, falling in front of a bearded stranger with tears rolling down from her eyes. The crowd running after her reached the place behind her and demanded the bearded man whom they called ‘Teacher‘ to give His judgement accusing her to be caught in the act of adultery…

He raised His head up to look at the woman and then at the raging crowd ready to punish that woman. He was quiet as her heart was pounding harder waiting to hear His voice… His verdict… His judgement…

But He bent down puzzling them and started to write on the sands with His finger. The crowd looked at each other and kept on demanding His verdict. He finally opened His mouth straightening Himself up and replied them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” And He stooped down again and wrote on the ground.

Her tears stopped pouring down. She raised her head to look at Him. He was looking at her. She found His eyes so soft, so comforting as He smiled gently. She was unable to grasp the love that had been flowing from His eyes for her ‘an adulteress‘.

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The crowd was baffled by His verdict. They were silent. They started backing off and escaping themselves from His presence being convicted by their own consciences. The woman was amazed.

He asked her looking up again, “Where are all gone? Didn’t they throw stone at you?” She replied, “Sir, all of them left hearing your verdict.”

He smiled again and said, “Then neither do I condemn you, go now and leave your life of sin.

She touched His feet and walked away in peace, a peace that transcends all understanding.

(Based on John 8: 1 – 11)


9 thoughts on “HIS VERDICT

  1. Loved the story. Its a common trait of people to condemn others easily without noticing their own sins. We all do mistakes, at times we are right from our perspective and wrong in others.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kalpana for reading and commenting. I know you must be knowing this event where Jesus made it clear for all that only He has the authority to throw stone at the woman being a sinless human being… Yet He forgave the woman.

      It’s a great teaching for all of us.


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